Round Straw Tatami Meditation Cushion

Introducing our Eco-Friendly Cattail Cushion, the perfect blend of natural beauty and practical design. Crafted exclusively from natural cattails, this cushion features a robust sponge filling, offering both comfort and durability. Each cushion celebrates the authentic color, texture, and subtle fragrance of the plant, bringing a touch of nature into your home.

Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, this classic cushion complements any home décor and can seamlessly integrate into any room. It includes convenient hooks for easy storage, enhancing its functionality without sacrificing style.

Our handcrafted cushion stands out by being completely free from artificial chemicals and paints, making it a safe and ideal choice for both children and adults, especially those engaged in meditation practices. Embrace a piece of nature and add a sustainable, stylish element to your living space with our Eco-Friendly Cattail Cushion.

Material: bulrush + wrought iron 
Size: about 40*15cm/15.74*5.91in 

Package Included: 1X Tatami Cushion